Mobile Hand-Washing Station Rentals


VS Service carries high-quality mobile hand-washing station rentals for events both large and small. Whether you are hosting an outdoor wedding reception, large concert, food festival, or community event, these portable hand sinks truly elevate the hospitality of your occasion.

Keep Guests Healthy and Happy 

In addition to offering your guests an adequate opportunity to wash up after using a portable toilet, it’s another means to help prevent the spread of bacteria, especially at crowded events. Whether you’re gathering all the equipment necessary for a single weekend of fun or a longer occasion, our mobile hand-washing station rentals keep your guests feeling healthy, refreshed, and clean.

Fully Stocked and Easy to Use 

All of our portable hand washing station rentals come fully stocked with soap, paper towels, and 20-30 gallons of water. The faucets are pedal-operated so guests can easily begin washing their hands without needing to touch other surfaces on our portable hand sinks. 

Emergency Services Available 

Our rentals come with 24/7 emergency service nationwide, so if you’re experiencing a sudden shortage of supplies, a mechanical dysfunction, or any other kind of inconvenience, we can help. Simply call us immediately if you’re experiencing one of the aforementioned situations or another difficulty.  

VS Service specializes in speedy solutions to your most pressing excrement containment challenges at events of any nature or size, particularly those held outdoors. From kids’ carnivals and block parties to medium-term construction sites and job fairs, there are countless event types that can benefit from our services. 

Browse availability on this page to start booking or send us an email if you have specific questions. We look forward to serving you! 

Long term wash station rental services and portopotty rental services to meet all of your needs. Wash stations are usually double faucet; we recommend one wash station for every two port-o-potties. They contain 20-30 gallons of fresh water, as well as soap and towels.


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