Handicap-Accessible Portable Toilet With Sink Rental


If you’re looking to jump past a normal handicap mobile toilet rental to offer your guests a five-star experience, you’ve come to the right place. Our handicap-accessible portable toilet with sink rental is one of our premier products, providing handicapped individuals a complete restroom and handwashing experience within a single unit. Whether you’re planning a large event with hundreds of people or a small community or family gathering, VS Service has what you need for simple and fast human waste containment.

Convenience and Excellence

Offering everything your guests need for an effortless restroom experience is a powerful way to communicate hospitality. Individuals enjoying the festivities don’t need to worry about leaving the event simply to use the bathroom because they will have all resources needed right there.

Booking a rental for one of VS Service’s handicap portable toilets and sinks allows guests to continue enjoying the marvelous event you’ve put together in the same way they would with an indoor restroom or building. Your eventgoers will feel relieved and encouraged when they see that you went the extra mile to obtain a handicap-accessible portable toilet with sink rental. It helps everyone feel like they are part of the event and that their needs matter just as much as anyone else’s.

We Are Prepared for You

VS Service works around the clock to ensure all of our rental units are deployed at your event site fully stocked beforehand. Whether you only need one portable toilet and sink combo or multiple units with containment trays and extra hand sanitizer, you’ll find all of these options below.

Emergency Services Available

In the unlikely event of an emergency, unit failure, or other stressful circumstance, we provide 24/7 emergency services nationwide. If you run into any unforeseen issue, call us as quickly as possible and we’ll have a staff member dispatched immediately.

VS Service has built our expertise around high-quality, easily available, rentable waste containment products for a wide variety of outdoor events. Our staff is dedicated to powerful and convenient solutions for your upcoming occasion of any size.

Click on specific months and dates in our availability calendar below to see when our handicap-accessible portable toilet with sink rentals are available. If you have questions about our products that aren’t answered here, contact us now and we’ll be happy to speak with you. We look forward to providing portable toilet solutions for your event!

Short Term (Event) Handicap Portable Toilet Rental is 5ft wide x 5ft deep x 8ft tall. The interior comes with a non-flushing toilet. This porto-potty has a translucent roof that allows for sunlight to light the porto-potty during the day. This rental also comes with a tank exhaust vent, as well as ventilation for the air exchange and odor release. Includes sink 



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