Handicap-Accessible Portable Toilets


We offer sturdily-built handicap-accessible portable toilets for outdoor events and temporary occasions of all kinds. From local food festivals and outdoor concerts to wedding receptions and short-term gatherings, this rentable product has your guests covered.

Give Your Attendees a Great Experience

Being prepared with a variety of personal accommodations, such as a handicap portable toilet, communicates authentic care and awareness for your guests on an individual level. Instead of forcing individuals with accessibility needs to leave your event or experience unexpected difficulties, they can use a restroom easily and continue enjoying the event. Renting one of our handicap-accessible portable toilets also prevents the likelihood of long wait times at any other mobile toilets.

Quality Support From Start to Finish

Ensure that each of your guests, family members, and friends feel comforted and supported by including one of these units at your next event. Your patrons, community members, or customers will be impressed by the effortless flow of your occasion, where everyone is having an amazing time and each guest’s needs are met.

Each of our handicap portable toilet rentals come with plenty of toilet paper and hand sanitizer in the unit. If you need additional accommodations for your guests, we recommend renting a few port-o-potties as well as hand-washing stations. If you happen to run out of supplies at any point during your event, simply call us right away and we’ll have a staff member dispatched to your location.  

Emergency Services Available

VS Service also offers emergency services nationwide on a 24/7 basis. If something unexpected has occurred with rental equipment, supplies, or anything else, give us a ring and we’ll be there quickly. 

We are experts of getting you the right human waste containment solutions for short-term events or occasions of any kind. We have the equipment you need, in the quantities you need it in, and on the date(s) you’re looking for.

Check out our availability for our handicap-accessible portable toilets below by clicking through the calendar. Dates in red mean we don’t have units available; dates in green indicate availability. If you have any further questions, simply reach out to us!

Short Term (Event) Handicap Portable Toilet Rental is 5ft wide x 5ft deep x 8ft tall. The interior comes with a non-flushing toilet. This port-o-potty has a translucent roof that allows for sunlight to light the port-o-potty during the day. This rental also comes with a tank exhaust vent, as well as ventilation for the air exchange and odor release. 



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